Those ‘Broad City’ Sex Toys Will Definitely Be Your Frond To The Ond

Gender and sexuality inclusive sex toys? Featuring Broad City’s signature humour? YAASSSS PLEASE.


What Katy Perry’s on-stage groping reveals about our double standard when it comes to sexual assault

Our super-productive regular contributor AJ McKenna addresses the careless reporting surrounding Katy Perry’s recent onstage incident while performing in Rio. A female fan groped her – touching her boob, grabbing her ass, and sashaying down KP’s body ’til their face was basically in her crotch – yet some outlets made jokes referencing “I Kissed a Girl.” When…

Damn it, Caitlyn Jenner!

Superstar contributor AJ McKenna is forced to return to the Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume debacle as CJ declares the outfit inoffensive. But what implications does a statement like this have for the trans community, when a white Republican with significant privilege says they’re in on the transphobic joke? I Am Cait has undoubtedly given voice to…