About Clarissa


Clarissa Explains Fuck All is co-edited by Amy Mackelden and Amy Roberts, who founded the site after an argument over who’s hotter: Jordan Catalano or Brian Krakow? Amy & Amy are basically TV soul mates, and find nothing more all-consuming than Dawson Leery’s endless virginity, Marissa Cooper’s cray cray meltdowns, Felicity Porter’s terrible decision-making, and how fucking stupid people appear to be during a zombie apocalypse (The Walking what now?).

Clarissa’s not just about Trash TV. We’re concerned about female representation in cinema, women and sexuality in horror, vintage hotties, pop music’s take on feminism, and bad fucking writing in general (#HIMYMfinale, here’s looking at you).

If you’d like us to write something feminist and awesome for you, filled with topless Matt Damon references, email us or find us on Twitter or FB, links below. Much love xoxo

As featured in ELLE Magazine April 2014, in their article “The 14 Funniest Feminists Online.” Click on Katie Holmes to read the full article, yo!Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 22.41.38

Contact us: ClarissaExplainsFxxxAll@gmail.com

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