Those ‘Broad City’ Sex Toys Will Definitely Be Your Frond To The Ond

This piece has required some deep, meticulous research, you guys. Because while the idea of Lovehoney’s Broad City sex toy range is just the quirky gimmick our sexual appetites are craving, there’s so much to understand about them. So, appreciating how fabulous these products may be, I went and took one for the team and applied some real-life science to determine just exactly how fabulous they are.

The result? They’re pretty fucking fabulous, folks.

With products like Nature’s Pocket Kegel Balls, Ass Of An Angel Butt Plug, Boss Bitch Silicone G-Spot Vibrator, and the Respect Your Dick 10-Function Love Ring, the range is referential to the show, adding Abbi and Ilana’s distinctive vibe of sex positive humour to each and every product.


It’s worth appreciating that while they’re not exactly breaking any new or exciting sex toy ground, the Broad City branding does make these items that much more fun and accessible. That means they’re a little more user-friendly for people who might not be too familiar or comfortable with bringing sex toys into their erotic playtimes with partners. And yes, those people do totally exist, still.

While my partner was excited to try the Respect Your Dick love ring with me, he also raised a quizzical eye at the two blue rings that were attached to the 10-function bullet. Thinking that I’d selfishly opted for a toy that would only serve my needs (and blatantly ignoring the name, even though he spent a good ten minutes gleefully talking about it), he was pretty shocked to discover that those love slings were made to embrace his sweet ass cojones. Which means that when we’re DTF and using it, the bullet provides just the right amount of vibration to get both of us off. For times when I am feeling selfish, however, the bullet is also removable and works like a damn dream.

Which brings me to the other great thing about this range – it’s wonderfully inclusive. These are toys for people of any sexual orientation or gender identification, which can be used for personal pleasure, or with whatever honey(s) are currently giving your body serious fucking respect. Toys like the Pegasus Pegging Kit (which acts as a throwback to one of the most iconic episodes of the show) and the Man On A Mission Masturbation Egg go beyond the yawn-worthy realm of hetero cis-female sex toys and score a slam.


So, yeah. They’re basically an absolute wonder and for the most part extremely affordable, too. The verdict? They’re well worth spoiling upon your vah-yine-yah or dick. And those of your most revered sex-time buddies, too. Sharing is caring, pals.

Images: Giphy; Lovehoney;


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