Is Justin Timberlake’s Fish In ‘Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping’ The Fish From “Like A Boss”?

Amy M is here to argue that Mr Fish in the song “Incredible Things” from Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping is the very same fish from “Like A Boss”, also by The Lonely Island. Epiphanies are real, and worthwhile journalism, we think you’ll agree.

Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping is all kinds of awesome: smart, stupid, and endlessly quotable. While the movie didn’t get the coverage it should’ve in the UK, the soundtrack features a plethora of perfect songs that are classics as far as I’m concerned (“Should I Move?” featuring Akon is da best).

One of The Lonely Island’s most iconic songs, “Like A Boss”, has been viewed over 145 million times on YouTube, and features Seth Rogen. The song sees Andy Samberg detail to corporate an average day in the life of a boss. The most important moment, perhaps, is when Samberg’s boss meets a giant fish after work… and fucks its brains out. We’ve all been on benders and done things we’re not proud of, right?

Post-coital, the fish appears once more to mime the words “like a boss” at the end of the video. But maybe, just maybe, this isn’t the last we see of Samberg’s one-time sex partner, and that’s all thanks to Justin Timberlake (who else?!).

mr-fishTimberlake’s bromance with The Lonely Island has lasted for years, and produced countless collaborations. Jessica Biel’s husband is particularly great in Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping because throughout the movie, he’s never given the limelight. He’s a lowly chef, preparing healthy snacks for Samberg’s Conner4Real, being told to leave the singing to the professionals. But at the end of the movie, Timberlake gets to showcase his musical talents, but there’s a catch: he’s wearing a giant fish costume.

The song “Incredible Things” is about the crazy and strange ideas from our brains being brought to life. The lyrics ask us to “Imagine if a fish could play guitar and also sing, it would sound bizarre”. This segues into Timberlake’s appearance as a giant fish. When it’s revealed to the audience that the *NSYNC star is inside, it’s totally heartwarming and hilarious. But what if Timberlake’s fish is THE SAME fish that Samberg fucked in “Like A Boss”?


As if you need any more compelling evidence than that, just check out the chemistry between Timberlake’s fish and Conner4Real. Sure, the fish is now YELLOW, and not green, but they look like they’re a similar size. Plus, when the boss finds the fish in an alley, it’s dirty, and arguably needs a shower. Maybe the fish from “Like A Boss” was a yellow fish with Justin Timberlake inside all along?

mr-fish-2fishI rest my case.

Images: thelonelyisland/YouTube

amy mackelden photoAmy Mackelden is an Entertainment Writer at Bustle, and has written for heat magazine, New Statesman, Kinkly, The Independent onlinexoJane, and Hello Giggles. Her book, Adele: The Other Side, is out now.

Amy co-founded poetry magazine Butcher’s Dog, and is co-editor of Clarissa Explains Fuck All. Her new theatre show, MS Is My Boyfriend, is funded by Arts Council England, and she’s a recipient of the Artists’ International Development Fund Round 13. Ian Harding is a bird watcher?


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