We’re Back, Babes (And We’ve Changed)

You may have noticed that your beloved Clarissa Explains Fuck All has been MIA for the past couple of months. And like, yeah, we didn’t call, text, write, or even Morse code your ass for the whole time we were gone, but it doesn’t mean we weren’t thinking about you the whole time, lovers. And like Serena Van Der Woodsen’s mysterious return to NYC in the pilot episode of Gossip Girl (oh honey, like you need to be told), we’re back, bitches. And we’re here to place our claim on the pop culture blog equivalent of the Upper East Side. However, there’s going to be a few changes around here.

We endeavor to remain the same foul-mouthed, slightly immature, politically engaged pop culture blog that (hopefully) won your heart to begin with, but we’re dialing back the heavy, serious essays aspect of it all. The World is fucked right now, guys, and we need an escape. As a result, we’re returning to our roots —to the silly, playful content which started this blog to begin with.


We’re returning to nostalgia television, teen shows, and trash TV. We’re returning to bad films which are joyful marvels, and offensive films which need to be taken the piss out of. We’re returning to character assassinations of ’80s and ’90s fictional members of TV shows and to writing flash fiction, letters and poetry inspired by reality TV, sitcoms, teen dramas, horror movies and everything in between.

As always, we’re welcoming submissions and would like to encourage diverse points of view, opinions, tastes and experiences. We’re specifically interested in approaching feminism from an intersectional perspective, and as such want to create content which is inclusive yet still irreverent.


We can’t pay for contributions (but as and when we have the money, we will absolutely start), but would love to use this as an opportunity to encourage first-time or up-and-coming writers to get their start with us. We don’t have any money (like ANY. At all.), but we can offer great feedback, mentoring and advice to anybody looking to enter the (non) glamorous world of writing.

Thanks for being the Blair Waldorf to our Serena. There’s plenty more to come,

Lots of love,

Amy R & Amy M


2 thoughts on “We’re Back, Babes (And We’ve Changed)

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