Sweet Yeezus, Can Kanye West STFU Already?

Noah McAllister used to love Kanye West. Then this happened. 

I want to start this off by saying I love Kanye, or loved? I don’t know exactly how I’m feeling at the minute; my emotions are all over the place. What I do know though, is that he is being a Class A cunt and we are having our problems right now. I don’t know why he is being the way he is, with his disgusting comments about Bill Cosby and his anti-feminist ways. Is it for publicity? Is he scared of becoming yesterday’s news, so he feels as if he has to shock people with everything he says? Or is he just a cunt? I’m not sure. Either way, what he is saying isn’t OK, and if he continues to be a twat, he will lose a shitload of fans. Can Kanye West STFU already?

Is Kanye A Feminist?

Though Mr West would probably claim that he openly supports women’s rights and gender equality, as a feminist myself it seems offensive and just plain wrong for Kanye to call himself a feminist, especially given comments he has previously made. For example, West tweeting “you let a stripper trap you” in his infamous Twitter battle with Wiz Khalifa was just a putrid display of misogyny.

kanye west break the internet

And the most disappointing part about this is that it isn’t a one off. He has been making fucking awful remarks for years now, objectifying women, and supporting those who abuse women (like that Bill Cosby tweet, but I’ll get to that later). Kanye seems to think he can say and do anything without people getting pissed, as if he is above everyone and everything. This used to be a gimmick that worked for him, but now he just seems like a massive cunt.

Also, Kanye’s remarks seem rather out of place considering the family he is associated with, baring in mind that Kim is one of the world’s most active feminists, being the embodiment of empowerment, but then what else would we expect from Yeezus? I mean he calls himself Yeezus for fuck’s sake.

kim kanye smh west

West has also tweeted in recent times “Bill Cosby Innocent !!!!!” which, again, is just plain vile. Siding with someone who has had over fifty women come forward about his crimes is another display of pure misogyny showing his complete disregard for women’s rights and just fucking ignorance really. Some of his other displays of idiocy in regards to sexism include:

  1. The main hook to the song “Gold Digger”.
  2. His remarks about Taylor Swift in the song “Famous” from his new album (and I mean, I’m not a Swift fan, far from it actually, but still why must you be such a cock?)
  3. The Life of Pablo, if you look into it, is actually jam packed with misogyny. Surprise? No.

It’s becoming increasingly hard for me to be a feminist and a Kanye West fan as he is fast becoming the face of sexism, a title no sane person should want to hold.

Mr West Deletes Tweets

kanye west love hate
Kanye obviously must be slightly ashamed of how much of a cunt he is being, for why else would he delete so many tweets? A key example of this is, once again, the Twitter battle between West and Khalifa in which Kanye practically deleted the whole fucking thing after the initial onslaught! It was also coincidentally straight after Amber Rose came in with her priceless “#FingersInTheBootyAssBitch” tweet meaning, well, either he was ashamed of himself or he was incredibly embarrassed about being shown up by Rose, and I personally think it was a mix of the two, with him realising how much of a cunt he was. Amber Rose basically won the argument she wasn’t even really in, crowning her one of the Queens of Twitter, and making Kanye look like a massive prick, especially with his clarification tweet about the fact he actually doesn’t like fingers in his anus.

Why This is Pissing Me Off…

kanye west taylor swift

I just can’t see why Ye is being this way. Like, he claims to be compassionate, and in interviews he speaks about wanting to be an advocate for equal rights, highlighting homophobia in rap music and talking about how wrong it is. He has done some good things that make him seem like a nice guy, but he feels the need to tarnish his own reputation with sexism. He obviously cares about people, talks about his mother, he gave a disabled fan his mic after a show, signed Yeezys even when they’re fake. He has shown that he cares right?

On Keeping Up With The Kardashians he comes across very compassionate. Khloe said that his smile is the most contagious ever, and I mean, is she wrong? It is a very contagious smile. He just seems to need to spout utter wank about irrelevant crap, and the scales definitely do not balance out after all of his comments about women. It really fucking irks me because I have seen how good he can be, and a lot of his music is touching, catchy, and some of it is really clever, so why does he have to make himself out to be a misogynistic cunt unless he really is one? He comes across as a joke that isn’t funny anymore. A joke that I supported. A joke I entertained, and now what do I look like? A cunt! I have supported someone who has turned out to be a massive bellend and now I look a right twat too. All I can say is, from a fan, thanks Kanye.

mic drop kanye west

noahNoah McAllister writes sometimes, sings sometimes, and unfortunately has no life. He’s written for Clarissa Explains Fuck All, and blogs at Deceased Rhymer. Noah also writes poetry and even won a competition once, bless. Tragically he’s seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother and The Powerpuff Girls at least twenty times; evidently, Netflix is ruining his life. His inspirations include Ted Mosby’s blond wig, Drake’s eyebrows, and Twenty One Pilots. Needless to say, he hates near enough everyone and everything and, to be brutally honest, he is the human representation of trash.

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One thought on “Sweet Yeezus, Can Kanye West STFU Already?

  1. Legit. Noah . You had me at cunt. I’m known for my rants but you…you fucking nailed it. Shit! I’m holding a guest spot for you. Fuck! I think your bio is epic & I use to love mine. I can only imagine your version of my bio! I’m a fan . I rarely comment . I love this site . I love everything about this !

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