49 Clichés In Adele’s “Hello” Video As Gifs

As everyone knows (even my Dad at this point) Adele released a new single. I’d be lying if I said the Clarissa writers were excited about Adele’s long-awaited album and single, but each to their own, yeah? While mainstream-misery-music isn’t really our bag, we can appreciate a tune when we hear one. “Someone Like You,” for instance, is a masterclass in examining a relationship you can’t get over. However, the video for “Hello” seems to be a smorgasbord of clichés ripe for unpicking.

“Hello” is apparently not about an ex-boyfriend, which is why they cast Tristan Wilds, that fit-as-fuck hottie of 90210 and The Wire glory, as her ex-boyfriend. But the song is definitely a part of her forthcoming “make-up record” 25. And not about an ex. OK, yeah, if you say so! You’re the boss. Like, literally. Adele just smashed Taylor Swift’s 24-Hour Vevo record. Apparently you freaks watched that masterpiece of cinematography 27.7 million times in the first day. What the actual fuck! I thought more of you.

Because we love you, and because someone had to do it, we watched the video for “Hello” a few times and made gifs of the entire fucking thing. Why would we do that? So that we can examine every single cliché in it, of course! Enjoy or cry, whichever feels best.

  1. Dead bugs on a windowsill. We get it. This shit is OLD.


2. A car driving up a long windy road.


3. “I ain’t got no signal!” We’ve all been there. 

bad signal

4. “Sorry I can’t hear you.” *Shuts that flip phone like a basic bitch*

sorry i can't hear you

5. Rip that dusty dirty sheet from the window. It’s time to let some light in, yo!

dusty dirty sheets

6. This house is as old and dusty as my vagina.


7. Turn that gas hob on! What is electricity?

a gas hob

8. I love a metal kettle you have to wait fucking ages for.

old kettle

9. Steam. Wow.


10. A gently poured brew because Adele’s British. 


11. Window netting like Nanna used to have.

disgusting netting

12. Old documents. Maybes do some shredding, yeah?

old papers

13. “Everyone loves an old landline,” said people who’d been watching too much Mad Men.

old landline

14. Got to get our money’s worth out of this landline. Cost us twenty quid on eBay. Or we found it in a bin. Either/or!

more landline

15. Nothing spells a break-up like walking away slowly in the rain.

walking rain

16. Love is making your partner eat your cooking out of the pan because you can’t be fucked to dish up.

feeding someone from the pan

17. Zoom in. I’m gonna proper go for it.

zoom in i'm gonna proper go for it

18. Lurk in the shadows like a sad creepo.

sad shadow

19. Get your hands all over his face to prove you were in the same room at least once.

hands all over his face

20. Express shock! Think of Gary Barlow if you have to!


21. Let’s bung some more walking away in the rain in, so people get they broke up, yeah?

walk in rain

22. We’re shooting the video in Canada, but let’s get an old overgrown British telephone box, because ADELE’S FROM ENGLAND.

an old overgrown phone box

23. This phone box is truly a piece of art!

inside phone box


fucking love this phone box

25. Someone needs to hang that phone up, like. Something deep and meaningful about not being able to make that all important call.

off the hook

26. Sit on the bed and wring your hands like you’re upset or something.
side of the bed rubbing hands

27. This song isn’t about you phoning an ex and feeling sad, but if you could cry that would be great! Or I can just flick some water at your face if you want?
cry on the phone

28. Sing to the sky like it’s your biggest fan!

sing to the sky like its your biggest fan

29. Take a walk in a field and chill the fuck out. Everyone finds nature relaxing, right? Except for me. I fucking hate the outdoors. But who even am I?

take a walk in a field that will chill you out

30. Can you get mad in the rain so it’s really, really, reallllllly clear you broke up. Even though this is not a break-up video. You broke up, OK?

agressive walk in the rain

31. Did he just say fuck? He did! He just said fuck!

fuck in rain

32. Shit?

dixon shit

33. Sniff your fingers.

sniff your fingers

34. You’re in prison. You’re in a glass case of emotion!

youre in prison

35. Your head really hurts.

head really hurts

36. You’re sat on the staircase feeling a bit sad.


37. Time to invest in an umbrella.

time to invest in an umbrella

38. Close your eyes. It means more.

close your eyes it means more

39. You’re alone. On an island. And there’s a wind machine.

alone on an island wind machine40. Make a weird quiff with your hair!

make a cool quiff with your hair

41. Reach through the screen and rip the viewers’ fucking hearts out!

reach into our chest and grab our heart

42. Hair in mouth. Hair in mouth. Spit it out!

hair in mouth43. Reach up like…oh, who even cares?

reach up like

44. Put the phone down. So everyone knows that it’s over.

put that old phone down

45. Peek out the window all stalky-like.

peak out those blinds

46. Bitch stole my flip phone! Hanging up like a boss.

bitch stole my flip phone

47. Close the curtains. It’s done.

close the curtain its done

48. Rest your head. It’s been a taxing time.

rest your hed

49. Multi-million make-up deal to follow, amirite?!make up deal to follow

BONUS ROUND: This hottie! ❤

Watch the full video below if you can be fucked!

Images: AdeleVEVO/YouTube (52)


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